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Recovering from Covid-19 Lockdown

I don’t know what the past 19 months has looked like for you, dear reader. I would even be hard pressed to describe what it looked like for me. I feel like my brain is still recovering, and much of it is a blur.

We homeschooled after May 2020 because the whole online-schooling process was still having the wrinkles ironed out and it felt like more work for me than just regular homeschooling, so I went with that. It seemed not only more productive, but also more reliable, and since I needed to stay constantly engaged, it made more sense that I was assigning the activities. Also, I wanted them to be offline more.

Last year, 2020-2021, we purchased curriculum and did a little each day, tried to get outside for walks regularly, and eat healthy meals. We also had too much video game time on a fairly regular basis.

Other mothers I have talked with who did the on-line school found it very difficult to manage meal breaks and outside-time because all their kids were on different timelines. Not to mention all the extra screen-time. It was like, well, you could basically kiss any kind of healthy routines goodbye.

My kids both are in middle-school this year. In Ontario that means the three years between high school and elementary school (Grade 6-8). After a week and a half of school they started complaining of symptoms that did not allow them to pass the daily screening tool I am legally required to complete each day before sending them to school. I ended up having to keep them home for a week and a half, one because he was complaining of nausea and the other because he is yet too young to be vaccinated and was living with someone complaining of nausea. After this, we have a new policy in our house. If you are too sick to go to school, you have to get a Covid test, and there are no video games or sweets, and you have to go to bed an hour early. I imagine this will take care of many of the symptoms and allow me to get on with trying to get some writing done and have some semblance of an adult life (like working) without constant child-minding.

Both of them returned to school last Wednesday so today is the first Monday in a while I have had any mental space to do anything. I have really missed writing and I hope you, my dear readers, are doing alright.

Let me know in the comments below how you’re doing…








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