About me

This blog is part of my personal growth and recovery from burn-out.  It was created out of my need for validation of my current role in society as a mother and full-time homemaker.

I intend to explore ideas about society and economics and how these structures, policies, and ideas affect mothers and families.

My intention is that this will be a place I can begin to venture out into the world in a new way; a way that leaves me open to criticism of my thoughts and ideas.

Many people in the world will know a great deal more than I do about some of the topics about which I will write.  I hope they will gently inform me when I make errors.  I will always attempt to be kind when I write – kind to myself and kind to others.  I hope others will try to do the same.

That being said, although I believe everyone is always doing their best, sometimes our best is not as good as at other times, and although I am no exception to this story, I will try to learn that criticism is not personal.