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  • Recovering from Covid-19 Lockdown

    After homeschooling for a year and a half our family has returned to in-person learning, and hopefully to a time when I can regularly post to my blog.

  • Mother’s Day/VE day during Covid-19

    …in essence, the factory owners and ship builders and coal mine owners actually made their fortunes on the backs of those ‘unpaid domestic workers’ who contributed the fruit of their wombs, their time, their energy, and their creativity to create and serve those who were exploited in the workplace.

  • Harpooning Glaciers

    Harpooning Glaciers

    I wrote this post in February 2019 but was promptly sidetracked by kitchen upgrades. Painting that window opened a can of worms. Then the faucet broke and had to be replaced; which meant it was a good time to sand down the counter-top; and then paint the ugly drop ceiling, and then replace the flooring,…