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  • Parents are the most essential workers of all…

    One of the silver linings of the cloud of Covid has been that we have learned to cherish our interactions with other, however brief. A smile from a stranger on a walk. A driveway conversation with a masked friend. An outside, socially distanced visit with extended family. Even the awkward, tedious online meetings. We have…

  • How (and why) to clean your oven

    Vinegar and baking soda are great fun for making fizzy reaction for the kids to play with, but I somehow doubt that the chemical reaction does much of anything to the surface on which it is occurring. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what my experience and basic knowledge of chemistry tells me.

  • The dog ate my homework.

    The dog ate my homework.

    So here is my post, four days late and almost completely unedited…. I hope you like it.

  • Everyone needs a home. Every home needs homemaking.

    To say that the contributions of a homemaker are a luxury represents a complete misunderstanding of what a homemaker is.

  • The Second Birth

    The Second Birth

    …. as much as your husband or partner loves you, it’s really not possible for them to understand this part… and you need at least one person who ‘gets you’ to keep you sane. That, and probably coffee.

  • Baseball Bats and Persian Glass Ceilings

    Baseball Bats and Persian Glass Ceilings

    What do Baseball Champions and the Chihuly exhibit at the ROM have in common? Teamwork and practice.