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  • My First Birth Story

    My First Birth Story

    As I held onto the top of the door and the roof and swung my huge body into the rental car, I felt something inside me shift, and the waters that my midwives had broken hours before finally released onto the back seat.

  • A Normal Schedule

    A Normal Schedule

    Someone will wake me when I am needed, and until then, I can sleep.  Anyway, if I was already up I would miss my morning snuggles with my kids.

  • The Peanut Gallery and The Gladiator Ring

    The Peanut Gallery and The Gladiator Ring

    You’re not serving anyone up there in the Peanut Gallery, not even yourself… step down into the Gladiator’s Ring.

  • Returning Something Lost

    Returning Something Lost

    the world can be a safe place, sometimes strangers are people who will help if they can, and I don’t need to be afraid every time someone knocks on my door.

  • Baseball Bats and Persian Glass Ceilings

    Baseball Bats and Persian Glass Ceilings

    What do Baseball Champions and the Chihuly exhibit at the ROM have in common? Teamwork and practice.

  • Longboob


    Maybe graying hair and sagging skin indicate a life transition to becoming a guide to the youth instead of competition to it.